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12 March 2013 Author: EIFonline

With the European Parliament elections approaching next year, EIF invited members and friends to learn from the biggest last year’s political campaign and to discuss on “US Presidential Elections 2012 - Lessons for Online Campaigning”.  This dinner debate was chaired by Alexander Alvaro, Vice-President of the European Parliament and EIF Governor.

The first speaker was Nathaniel Lubin, Digital Director at the US Presidential Inaugural Committee and one of the masterminds of Obama's online advertising strategy. In his speech, he underlined the importance of identifying the goals of the campaign and tracking the metrics of success. He also mentioned that this was the first election with the transition from TV as a main media to online communications. He also explained how his team handled the situation after the first debate which was lost by Obama.

Listen to Nathaniel Lubin’s speech:

Philip Weiss, Founder and Chief Hyperthinker at ZN, was the next panel speaker. He also acknowledged that the web now is a core component of the political campaigning in the US and becoming one in Europe. He also noted that internet is the only media in Europe that can reach all Europeans directly. Social media has changed the way of storytelling. Therefore, in political campaigning there is a need for a political story which would be interesting for the electorate. Mr. Weiss also gave his recommendations for MEPs for the upcoming elections.

Listen to his full speech:


The evening followed with the exchange of views session where questions were asked on European politicians who are “stars” on the Social Media, what online tools are most efficiently. The question of data use and data privacy in political campaigning was also raised.


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