Harvesting the full potential of Big Data in Europe

09 October 2013 Author: EIFonline

On 24 September EIF hosted a dinner debate on Big Data Analytics. Key speakers from the European Commission, industry and civil society joined the panel to address key questions on how Europe can benefit from Big Data and whether there is a need for a new regulatory framework and standards for Big Data in the EU.

EIF chair Pilar del Castillo welcomed EIF members and friends and gave the floor to the speakers.  

Roberto Viola, Deputy Director General of DG CONNECT, European Commission noted that the smart use of Big Data can increase Europe’s competitiveness. To achieve this he identified three pillars for the European Data Strategy. First, he stressed the need to have Open Data in Europe.  The second important element is infrastructure: broadband and secure cloud infrastructure. The third fundamental factor for the European Data Strategy is policy and the rule of law that brings certainty and uniform treatment of data across Europe. Mr. Viola also stressed that the European way of data protection should be accepted on the other side of Atlantic to create a level playing field.

Listen to Roberto Viola’s speech:

Stefan Sigg, Senior Vice President for Big Data at SAP, presented a European software industry point of view on benefiting from Big Data. He focused on the importance of ICT education and talent training in Europe. He stressed the need to invest in mathematics, physics and other innovation drivers, also to create the European culture of computer engineering. 

Listen to Stefan Sigg’s speech:

Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, Director of European Affairs at the Center for Democracy & Technology, took the floor last. He underlined the importance and the benefits that Big Data analytics bring to society in many areas. He also focused on the data protection issue by noting that Big Data will change the concept of privacy. He underlined the importance for privacy concepts to converge on the both sides of the Atlantic.

Listen to Jens-Henrik Jeppesen’s speech: 


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