Speaker profile


  • Mr Jorin Aardoom
    co-founder and CEO


Jorin Y. Aardoom MSc. is the co-founder and CEO of Syneratio, a Dutch founded Virtual R&D platform. At Syneratio, students, researchers and organizations are actively collaborating to achieve brilliant innovations, together. 

Jorin studied at Eindhoven University of Technology and worked as an engineer at several large organizations, e.g. Office Depot / Staples, and the VDL Group. He holds a Master’s Degree in Operations Management and Logistics and gets professionally enthusiastic about everything related to quantitative simulations, supply chain engineering and Big Data. This knowledge was used to found Syneratio, currently active in 30+ countries across 7 continents. Open Innovation can be conducted using the 50M+ scientific articles, research accelerating tools and Syneratio Search Algorithm that suggests relevant trends that are interesting for your area of expertise. Hence the time-to-market of innovative products and services can be significantly decreased, something Jorin learned during his Master’s Programme and former functions as an engineer. 

Jorin strongly believes that - unexpected yet valuable - Cross-over Innovations will be achieved by having access to a worldwide research infrastructure where the triple helix actively collaborates with each other. He speaks about his values and beliefs regarding research and development at Dutch Parliament, conferences, and European Industrial Conventions, how to innovate and cut costs by acquiring new knowledge in both documents and people.

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