The ICT strategy of the European Parliament: How can EIF help? Meeting with MEP Rainer Wieland

EIF Breakfast Debate


New technological developments are spreading at an astonishing speed, radically transforming every aspect of our lives. The Bureau of the European Parliament is reflecting on the impact of ICTs on the current and future work of this Institution and of the MEPs.

How can the new technologies be harnessed in order to promote democracy, openness and transparency? Which tools and equipment do and will the MEPs use to connect with their constituencies, the media and a wide range of different stakeholders? In what kind of environment will MEPs and their staff work in the future?

The Parliament is thinking about these challenges. Mr Rainer Wieland, MEP and EP Vice-President for ICT matters, talked about the recently adopted ICT strategy of the European Parliament and the key elements it addresses: mobility, interoperatibility and connectivity for MEPs in their daily work.

Programme - 26/01/2011

Welcome and Introduction:

Welcome and Introduction:

James Elles, MEP and EIF co-Founder

Introductory remarks:

Rainer Wieland, MEP and EP Vice-President responsible for ICT matters

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