How is the European Parliament Preparing for the New Elections?

EIF Breakfast Debate


Following an EIF Dinner Debate on ‘US Presidential Elections 2012 - Lessons for Online Campaigning’ on 19 February, this Breakfast Debate will offer an opportunity for MEPs and guests to take a closer look at what the European Parliament is capable of in terms of communication, connecting with citizens and preparing for the next European elections. 

Whereas members are the first to engage with citizens and show that the EU is relevant to its citizens, a non-partisan campaign is expected to be launched by the European Parliament itself across 28 Member States ahead of the elections planned in May 2014. Experts from the European Parliament’ Communication team will present the European Parliament’s communication strategy and campaigning tools, including the Newshub.



Welcome and introductory remarks:

Alexander Alvaro, Vice President European Parliament and EIF Governor


Juana Lahousse-Juárez, Director General of DG COMM, European Parliament 

Jaume Duch, Spokesman and Director for Media at European Parliament 

Thibault Lesenecal, Head of Web Communications at European Parliament

Exchange of views with participants
Download programme


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