EIF Survey: Your views on Europe's Digital Transformation

19 June 2012 Author: EIFonline

In June 2012, EIF conducted a short poll among members and friends. Our purpose has been to provide a gage of the impact of European policies on Europe’s progress toward our digital future.

We had 105 responses from individuals representing organisations at the heart of the European global digital revolution. These are the results.

A different questionnaire was circulated at the same time to The Policy Bloggers Network. Please see Ajit Jaokar’s report here.










Except for this question, none of the others were compulsory. In the results on the following pages we therefore indicate both the average score that respondents gave, as well as the number of respondents that the average is based on.














Overall assessment of progress on the EU Digital Agenda is rated at an average of 2,74 (93 respondents).

Conclusion: We are not way behind and not way ahead but we need to pick up the pace.














Uptake and impact rankings from strongest to weakest

  1. Overall uptake and impact in European Industry: average 3,60 – 87 responses

  2. Overall uptake and impact with European Citizens: average 3,19 – 84 responses

  3. Overall uptake and impact in Government: average 2,61 – 83 responses

  4. Overall uptake and impact in Social Services: average 2,34 – 82 responses

Overall conclusion: respondents feel that the impact and uptake of digital tools and technologies varies considerably in each of the sectors we surveyed. European Industry and European citizens seem to be on the right track, whereas the much lower ranking areas of Government and Social services seem to be a reason for concern.


European strength rankings from strongest to weakest

  1. Network and Communications Services assessment: average 3,16 – 84 responses

  2. Enabling Technologies and Equipment assessment: average 2,92 – 84 responses

  3. Content and Media assessment: average 2,90 – 85 responses

  4. Software and Services assessment: average 2,83 – 84 responses

Overall conclusion: Europe’s digital industries are still in the global game but we are vulnerable.


Assessment current overall global position for Europe in the digital revolution is rated at an average of 2,71 (85 respondents).

Overall conclusion: Global positioning reflects that the jury is still out on our digital future.



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