The use of Big Data and machine learning – trends for the future of technology: meeting with Craig Mundie

05 February 2013 Author: EIFonline

On the 29th of January, Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor to the CEO of Microsoft and long-standing friend of EIF, met with EIF members and friends to talk about the future of technology and its implications for society, the economy and regulation.

Malcolm Harbour, MEP and EIF Governor, chaired this widely attended breakfast debate, which helps kick off EIF’s “Digital World in 2030” project which will run through this year.

Mr. Mundie started by drawing our attention to the industry’s efforts to make computers more like humans and the fact that computers are becoming even more accurate in assessing different things than human-beings. This makes the processing of so-called “big data” an important issue, as the development and use  of machine learning technology to process data is rising. This technology allows machines to operate in the same way as the human brain and to follow the same learning process as human-beings. Mr. Mundie cited a number of important innovations enabled by this technology.  

Mr. Mundie highlighted two areas for the attention of policy makers. First spectrum: the model for managing and allocating spectrum is 101 years old this year. Needless to say, technology has far outstripped this model over the past century. Second, Mr. Mundie stressed the need to review the concept of privacy in light of technological realities, emphasizing that we need to control the usage of the data but not data itself.  Listen to Craig Mundie’s speech:


During an exchange of views with participants, Mr. Mundie was asked about the future of Europe. He suggested focusing on the ways innovation is being funded here as one of the biggest challenges for Europe.

During a previous meeting with the EIF network on 1 February 2011, Craig Mundie spoke about the impact of ICT on health services. Watch Craig Mundie’s speech on Heath and ICT:


Click here to read more about the previuos event with Craig Mundie on Global Health: A Vision of E-Health Services in the Framework of an Enchanced EU-US Collaboration.


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